Advanced search results

Make your search results an awesome with adsearch plugin


Make your search results an awesome
with adsearch plugin

Mobile friendly

Adsearch is mobile friendly in will look great on all devices.

Easy Install

You can install Adsearch extension with one click, like any other Joomla extension.

Well documented

Adsearch extension is very well documented. You also get documentation in pdf format.

Buy, Install and Enjoy

You are 3 steps behind awesome search results display. Intallation is very easy and everything is done inside Joomla administration. Than just set image sizes and enjoy with result.

Customers will love your search results and images will make it more prefessional. Get your Adsearch plugin now.

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4 different layouts

You can select between 4 different layouts: 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns and 4 columns.

No Coding Required

Coding knowledge is not required. Code is clear and simple and written by Joomla standards.

Great Support

Our dedicated stuff will help you with your support tickets in 24 hours.

Make your website an awesome

Your search results will look awesome with Adsearch plugin and your customers will like it.

Multipurpose Use

Select between 4 styles. Set your own image dimensions and also set your text length in options. Everything inside Joomla with few clicks.

Simple Interface

You can change settings without coding knowledge. It is very easy and settings are in plugin options.

Mobile Friendly

Your search results with images will look great on all devices. Adsearch plugin is 100% responsive.